habits of mind

[AUDIO AND TEXT] This is a reflection on some experiences or some events that have been happening with me. We are conditioned by or conditioned within our habits of mind. The way that we encounter our reality, the way that we encounter it, and the way that we interpret it depends largely on how weContinue reading “habits of mind”

a taste of water

[AUDIO AND TEXT] I would like to read from the flyleaf of the book A Taste Of Water, by Father Thomas Hand, and Chwen Jiuan A. Lee. This book was published back in 1990. The subtitle of the book is Christianity Through Buddhist Eyes. This is the authors’ rendering of a story from the Bible,Continue reading “a taste of water”

“stopping” words

[AUDIO AND TEXT] We have a danger before us – in this practice – in that, despite what the Heart Sutra and other teachings tell us, we think there is something to be gained from this practice. We think, as Greg mentioned to me once, there’s a carrot out in front of us, and we’reContinue reading ““stopping” words”

liberating joy

[AUDIO AND TEXT] “Teach your experience.” That’s what my teacher, Fr. Greg Mayers Roshi, has always told us. So that’s the genesis of this offering. Right now, my experience has me at the point of “just the fact, just this.” I was struck recently by a paragraph in Albert Low’s book, What More Do YouContinue reading “liberating joy”

why do zazen?

[AUDIO AND TEXT] Often, Zen teachers tell students to avoid setting goals and expectations for their Zen practice – not to expect any results. “Zen is not a self-improvement program,” they say. “You’re already enlightened and awake,” they say. And then they turn right around and list various qualities that students can cultivate through practice:Continue reading “why do zazen?”


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