Howard Thurman

[AUDIO AND TEXT] I want to share with you some words of an African-American mystic and minister named Howard Thurman (1899 – 1981). Born and raised in Daytona, Florida, Howard Thurman began his religious studies in his early twenties, after graduating from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. He attended the Rochester Theological Seminary in Rochester,Continue reading “Howard Thurman”

on zen

[AUDIO AND TEXT] Let’s start by revisiting this “On Zen” verse from the National Teacher, Dai-o Kokushi (Japan, 13th century), and see where we end up after that. He says: There is a reality even prior to heaven and earth.Indeed, it has no form, much less a name;Eyes fail to see it; it has noContinue reading “on zen”


[AUDIO AND TEXT] [This is the first of two sequential talks. The second talk is “Our Life Force.”] Those of you who are familiar with Zen literature know that the term “mind” comes up a lot. We know it from stories and koans, and it shows up often in the teachings of the masters. InContinue reading “mind”

our life force

[AUDIO AND TEXT] [This is the second of two sequential talks. The first talk is “Mind”. ] In an earlier talk, we considered “mind” as experienced by the Chan (Zen) master Linji (Rinzai). He said: Followers of the Way, mind is without form and pervades the ten directions [i.e., it’s everywhere]. In the eye itContinue reading “our life force”

bright light

[AUDIO AND TEXT] These days, it might seem as though there isn’t much light in the culture and civilization of the world. And that’s as true of this country as it is anywhere else, especially on this January 6 anniversary. Let’s consider Case 86 from the Blue Cliff Record, the Hekiganroku. This koan, “Unmon’s BrightContinue reading “bright light”

habits of mind

[AUDIO AND TEXT] This is a reflection on some experiences or some events that have been happening with me. We are conditioned by or conditioned within our habits of mind. The way that we encounter our reality, the way that we encounter it, and the way that we interpret it depends largely on how weContinue reading “habits of mind”


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