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Nona Strong Roshi

Weekly Talks by Theme
a taste of water
balance, equivalence and true nature
being in balance
bright light
despair and joy
do no harm
habits of mind
howard thurman
it’s all made up
letting go of “letting-go”
liberating joy
mystery and awareness
no fixed point on which we can rest
on zen
our life force
ourselves and the infinite
practicing through the dryness
presence of mind to absence of mind
setting our self aside
shedding our props
“stopping” words
the still, small voice
the walls we build
unblocking the way
weeds and grasses
what defines us?
who minds the flow of life?
why do zazen?

The Rev. Alice Cabotaje Roshi

Holy Week 2023 Retreat Talks
maundy thursday
good friday
black saturday
easter sunday

Holy Week 2022 Retreat Talks
intimacy with God, intimacy with ultimate reality
the sound of the rooster crowing
the sound of loss, the sound of grief
listening to see, hearing to see