Fr. Greg Mayers Roshi

Empty Cloud Zen is the authorized archive of recorded talks given by Fr. Greg Mayers Roshi. These recordings are for personal use only, and may not be reposted to other websites or social media platforms. All rights reserved by Fr. Greg Mayers, C.Ss.R.

2009 Zen Sesshin: What is Kensho? An introduction to the enlightenment experience in Zen.

Fr. Greg Mayers What is Kensho?

2018 Holy Week and year-end silent retreats: on the evolving traditions of sacrifice, and the Mysteries of Christianity.

Fr. Greg Mayers 2018 Talks

2016 Spring Zen sesshin: The Discipline of Silence, You are All Right, and A Poetic Competition. Evening meditation talks in 2017: Absence is the Evidence of the Reality; Lazarus Come Forth; Self or No-Self.

Fr. Greg Mayers 2016-2017 Talks

2011 East-West retreat talks on René Girard’s mimetic theory of human cultural evolution: Emergence of self-conscious human beings; On the development of Christianity; Crucifixion, Resurrection and Forgiveness.

Fr. Greg Mayers 2011 René Girard